Activity 04 - Partnership Coordination Meeting


Over the ONE® is more period, 8 PCM have been planned to be host by each partner in turn on a biannual basis. Those meetings are an opportunity for the partners to share in the coordination, cooperation results and issues. The planning of the coming activities, their adjustment, the communication plan, the monitoring of the budget and the respect of the network objectives are at the core of the agenda.

Besides, during these meetings, the partners have the chance to get better acquainted, visit performances and heritages sites.   

So far, PCM have been held in Sofia (BG), Canterbury (UK), Ljubljana (SI), Amiens (FR) and Katowice (PL).
The next meeting will take place in Zilina (CZ) in March 2018.  

PCM1 - Sofia - 3 to 5 October 2015

It was the first PCM hosted by our former associated member and newly full member, the New Symphony Orchestra (NSO) – BG. It was also the opportunity to welcome the other new member of the network: the University for the Creative Arts – UK. 

This meeting session was mainly dedicated to go through the full workprogram. All partners had also the opportunity to meet the GRAME team, invited as a guest speaker, and discuss the concept of the Choir of smartphones concert they’ve been commissioned to develop in the frame of the Network.

On October 5, a press conference was organised for the official launching of the ONE® is more program. Among the attendees were the Bulgarian representative of the Ministry of Culture, Elianka MIHAYLOVA, and the Belgian ambassador in Sofia, Anick VAN CALSTER.

PCM2 - Canterbury - 13 to 15 April 2016

All the partners met again for a second meeting, hosted by the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Canterbury and Rochester campuses. It was focused on an innovative part of the ONE® Network relied to graphic design and research and development worlds.

The guest speakers were:

  • Pascale BONNIEL CHALIER, Director of Studies at Illusion&Macadam and La Terre est Ronde, commissioned by the ONE® lead partner to evaluate ONE® is more project;
  • 2 GRAME members: Aline VALDENAIRE, production and coordination manager and Damien POUSSET, artistic director.
  • 3 lecturers from University for the Creative Arts: Phil GOMM, CG arts and animation course leader, Helen CURSTON, senior lecturer for television production degree and Hugh HARDWOOD, graphic design course leader.
PCM3 - Ljubljana - 27 to 28 November 2016

This third meeting, hosted by RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, was a two days working session. This was the opportunity to introduce two new colleagues to the team: Serena WILLIAMS newly, hired as ONE® coordinator at UCA, and viola player Anne SCHUSTER from Jenaer Philharmonie, who helps Daniel KERNCHEN in the daily coordination.

Four guest speakers attended the meeting:

  • Pascale BONNIEL CHALIER: Illusion & Macadam and La Terre est ronde director
  • Julija MATEJIĆ: coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management,  interdisciplinary master study program at the University of Arts in Belgrade
  • 2 GRAME members: Aline VALDENAIRE, production and coordination manager and Damien POUSSET, artistic director.

A part of this session was dedicated to the 1st Interim Report recently written by the Orchestre de Picardie executive director, Rose BARDONNET-LOWRY.

A second part was about GRAME report on the “Choir of Smartphones” (activity 1) project. It was the occasion to talk about the World Premiere performance at the Philharmonie de Paris.

A last part focused on the ONE® communication plan. 

Picture of the meeting
PCM4 - Amiens - 26 to 27 June 2017

PCM4 was held in Amiens. Most of the partners arrived on Sunday June 25 for two days of meeting sessions on the 26 and 27. These meeting sessions were hosted by the Lead Partner, Orchestre de Picardie.

Besides the meetings sessions, all partners had the great pleasure to enjoy a guided tour of the new building of Philharmonie de Paris. In addition, they attended a concert performed by Orchestre de Picardie at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, conducted by Quentin Hindley, and soloist Pretty Yende (soprano).

It was Rose BARDONNET-LOWRY last meeting as executive director of Orchestre de Picardie, as she will retire from the orchestra in September 2017. The newly appointed general director is expected to be taking office on September 1, 2017.

Visit at the Philharmonie de Paris
PCM5 - Katowice - 25 to 26 November 2017

Our 5th PCM was in Katowice, during the final stage of the Fitelberg Competition for Conductors.
The meeting sessions and competition were hosted by Filharmonia Śląska.

The partners had the chance to attend the concert of the three laureates on Satrurday November 25.
They had the great pleasure to meet Modestas Barkauskas, the European laureate of the 3rd prize and ONE® prize: an invitation to conduct concerts in the network partner orchestras.

Two associated partners also attended the meeting: Pascale BONNIEL CHALIER (Illusion & Macadam) and La Terre est ronde director and Julija MATEJIĆ (coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management,  interdisciplinary master study program at the University of Arts in Belgrade) joined us to talk about the project evaluation.

This meeting was the first one for Pierre Brouchoud, exectutive director of Orchestre de Picardie, ONE®'s lead partner.

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