Activity 28 - Internships for graphic design students

28 - Students work © UCA

Orchestre de Picardie (FR), Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina (SK), Filharmonia Śląska im. Henryka Mikolaja Góreckiego (PL), New Symphony Orchestra (BG), and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (SI) aim at hosting several graphic design students from University for the Creative Arts (UK) for a period of internship in their communication and concert promotion departments.

During these placement periods, students interact with professionals and get acquainted with their requirements.
Their internship brief will give priority to the creation of promotional tools to attract wider and younger audiences locally and at European level.

28A. Will Smith in Sofia (BG)

From 4 to 11 June 2016, Will SMITH, UCA’s graduated student, went to Sofia to make an internship at the New Symphony Orchestra office. During his placement period, Will worked on the following tasks:

  • Transfer of New Symphony Orchestra website to Word Press software
  • Programme brochures: templates for cover page and brochure
  • Envelope design
  • 2 Facebook banners
  • A new logo (English and Slovak version)
  • Proposals for new promotional materials: letter-head, envelope, city light, flash drive, business cards…

During his internship, Will wrote his first impression:

“I've never worked abroad before and it was a new place with new people and no real sense of what I was doing or where I was going exactly, but since I've been here, it has been the best and most productive experience. I have been really really busy but loving what I do. It has been very challenging but even more rewarding. The hotels and staff have taken care of me really well and I've enjoyed teaching others and learning so much myself as well since I’ve been here, and made the most of the beautiful city.

It's been a really great experience and I haven't even thought about coming home, hence me not being in touch, sorry about that. But everything is great over here. Thank you.”

28 - Will Smith proposal to NSO © Will Smith
28B. Lara Bulli in Žilina (SK)

From 12 to 18 June 2016 Lara BULLI worked at Štátny komorný orchester Žilina. The tasks carried out in contact with the communication and concert promotion departments were:

  • 2 Facebook banners
  • A new logo (English and Slovak version)
  • Proposals for new promotional materials: letter-head, envelope, city light, flash drive, business cards…

During the Partners Coordination Meeting 3 (activity 4) in Ljubljana, Vladimir SALAGA, Slovak Sinfonietta executive director and his assistant Petra KOVAČOVSKÁ shared positive feedbacks regarding Lara’s internship. They were extremely happy with her work achievement and will be glad to welcome her again.

28 - Laura Bulli proposal to Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina © Laura Bulli
28C. Aglika Hristeva in Jena (DE)

From October 22 to November 5, 2016, Aglika HRISTEVA went to Jena to work at Jenaer Philharmonie’s communication and promotion services. She mainly designed a brochure dedicated to promote the Jenaer Phlharmonie activities.

During the Partners Coordination Meeting 3 (activity 4) in Ljubjana, Daniel KERNCHEN, Jenaer Philharmonie intendant, made an excellent report on Aglika’s internship. He decided to hire her on a freelance basis to finish the design of the brochure.

28 - Aglika Hristeva proposal to Jenaer Philharmonie © Aglika Hristeva
28D. Hannah Norton in Katowice (PL)

From June 06 to 11, 2017, Hannah NORTON (BA (Hons) Graphic Communication: Visual Communication) went to Katowice to carry out her internship at Filharmonia Śląska im. Henryka Mikolaja Góreckiego. Her role was to design a coloured front cover for the new artistic season (2017/2018).

We are happy to share her thoughts about her internship:

Whilst in Katowice, I was asked to design several components for the upcoming Philharmonic season. This was such a good opportunity as it pushed me into the deep end: having to travel to Europe by myself, work with professional designers, and having working for a client. I myself am really shy when it comes to communication and so having this challenge has really helped me in my self-confidence and personal development. Working to a short time limit and having several jobs at once gave me an insight as to what being a designer will be like and it really helped to prove that this is what I want to do. Tomek and Ola were such brilliant mentors, pushing me to the best of my ability and I am so thankful to them for helping me with this opportunity and also showing me around their amazing city.’

28 - Hannah Norton proposal to Filharmonia Slaska ©Hannah Norton
28E. Hope Jepson in Ljubljana (SI)

From July 02 to 08, 2017, Hope JEPSON (BA (Hons) Graphic Communication: Illustration and Animation) went to RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra to design a logo for RTV Slo Children and Youth Choir as well as a template for their concert programmes.

Here are a few words about her experience:

Whilst in Slovenia I worked to produce a logo for RTV Slovenia's Children's and Youth Choir. The brief was challenging needing two logos that would work both separately and together. I was a fantastic experience to be able to work in Europe with a company such as RTV on a live project. I found it very useful getting the opinions of the client and working, and adjusting things to tailor it to what they wanted. In a week we came a long way from the initial design that we started with and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Being involved in this internship has given my a huge confidence boost and works fantastically to broaden my portfolio. I am so thankful for the opportunity.’

28 - Hope Jepson proposal to RTV Slovenia ©Hope Jepson
28F. Rosie Panton in Amiens (FR)
28 - Rosie Panton proposal to OdP ©Rosie Panton

From  May 22 to 25, 2018, Rosie PANTON (BA (Hons) Graphic Communication: Visual Communication) went to Amiens to carry out her internship with Orchestre de Picardie
As they were redesigning their website, Rosie gave useful imputs to improve consummer experience and page layout. 

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