Activity 30/01 - Darwinian Orchestra on tour in the partner orchestras

30 - Concert in Katowice ©Filharmonia Slaska

After the world premiere in France on November 20, 2016, the partner orchestras welcomed this innovative programme, inviting the audience to a completely new concert experience.

The first part of the programme introduce Boštjan GOMBAČ, playing the Concerto for Tidldibab flute and orchestra, while the last part invite the public to play along with the "choir of smartphones", directed by either Pierre Bassery or Martin Malatray (commissioned by GRAME). 

Concert in Jena (DE) on February 22, 2018

Concert in Zilina (SK) on March 08, 2018

Concert in Zlin (CZ) on March 15,2018

Concert in Katowice (PL) on May 13, 2018

Concert in Ljubljana (SI) on June 07, 2018

Concert in Sofia (BG) on November 19, 2018

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