Brand new stage for Jenaer Philharmonie

News - Jenaer New Stage - ©JenaKultur

It is no secret that the type and character of the stage is an important element concerning the concert experience - for the musicians as well as for the audience.

Jenaer Philharmonie is now in the wonderful position to be able to use a new, modern stage in a historic concert hall. This stage is variable now. Unlike the old stage, which was very high and with an incline, the new stage can be built from changeable stairs. The orchestra can go much further into the hall and also be nearer to the audience. Now even the visitors placed in the first row can see the musicians, mostly the drummers, in the back of the orchestra and not just hear it. Not to mention the sound that unfolds more freely and beautifully!

So acoustically as well as optically the new stage is a huge benefit. And - nobody misses the former slant of 6%. The musicians' backs are happy. The stage was built in 2 months. The musicians feel good about it and will try different variations now.

The Jenaer Philharmonie performed its first concert on it this Wednesday October 4th, and it was just wonderful!