The New Symphony Orchestra was conceived with the idea to be at the same time a school and an institution that has gathered young and talented Bulgarian musicians under its wing: musicians without experience on the concert stage, but with a keen willingness to work and to improve their performance. More than 800 musicians, 25-27-years-old on the average, have played in the orchestra to this day. Musicians from the school of the New Symphony Orchestra are working in the biggest Bulgarian symphony orchestras and opera theaters, in orchestras in the USA, Latin America, South Africa, Western and Central Europe.

The orchestra recruits music students. The leading principles in the work with them are respect for their personal opinion, equal opportunity and a flexible system of work.

Ever since the orchestra was created, its musical program has combined famous classical works with little known music or with music that has not been played in Bulgaria. The diverse repertoire and the adaptive organization - from a chamber orchestra to a full ensemble - have made it possible for the New Symphony Orchestra to earn its due place of honor in the cultural life of Bulgaria. During its more than 1,000 concerts so far the Orchestra has performed works by more than 150 composers and has presented more than 60 premieres before an audience of about 900,000 people.

Press Coverage

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